10 — How Two Engineers are Bridging The Gap Between CAD and PLM w/Adam Keating and Jeremy Andrews

Today’s engineering teams are facing skyrocketing expectations. The products they’re designing are more complex than ever, there’s constant pressure to raise quality while lowering cost, and it seems like every company is trying to drastically slash time to market so they can get products launched faster.

Yet many of today’s market leaders are still designing products the same way they did 20 years ago—and it’s holding them back. That’s why Adam Keating and Jeremy Andrews founded CoLab Software. On this episode of Peer Check, Adam and Jeremy share CoLab’s origin story and talk about how teams are using CoLab to get results.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How Adam and Jeremy went from developing one of the world’s first Hyperloop vehicles to working in Silicon Valley—then deciding to shift gears
  • Why the status quo for engineering collaboration doesn’t cut it
  • The evolution of CoLab from early concept to today
  • What engineering leaders are saying about trends in the market