23 — Simplifying the handoff from design to production for Stage Gate NPD

If you’ve ever been involved in a Stage Gate process, you know one gate meeting causes the most stress — the hand off from engineering to production. After that, you make big investments – like tooling – and it’s hard to come back from a design error.

Still, with so much complexity, things can slip through the cracks. That’s why Adam Keating (CEO of CoLab Software) and Oleg Shilovitsky (CEO of OpenBOM) teamed up to share practical insights on how to improve this handoff and make NPI stress-free.

  • Why design freezes don’t always work — and how to instill confidence in your own
  • Bringing risk forward in Stage Gate
  • ECO management and cross-tier supplier collaboration
  • How one manufacturer released 300 drawings to suppliers with zero errors
  • What these examples have in common: the need for systems of engagement