20 — What high-performing VA/VE programs are doing differently

With a new year underway, many engineering teams are facing higher cost down targets than ever before. Inflation is eroding gross margins and the status quo just doesn’t cut it anymore.

And yet… there’s still so much low-hanging fruit. In 2023, we hope to see engineering companies approach cost reduction with the same rigor that they approach sales, on-time delivery, and quality KPIs. That’s why this episode of Peer Check focuses on practical tips to strengthen your VA/VE programs and culture.

Join Adam Keating, CEO at CoLab, and cost engineering leaders from Dematic, Adient, and Johnson Controls for a panel discussion on:

  • Cost reduction in an inflationary environment
  • The roles of engineering, procurement, and finance in high-performing cost down programs
  • How to clone your best VA/VE teams
  • What’s stopping your VA/VE event prep from being fast and easy
  • How to get real follow-through on ideas
  • Avoiding the “we already thought of that” trap• Examples of successful VA/VE initiatives


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