19 — How to lead virtual engineering teams effectively w/Dr. Wanita Dixon

Long before the pandemic caused a rise in remote work, Dr. Wanita Dixon was researching ways for virtual engineering teams to work together more effectively.

As the CEO and Founder of Technical Creative Consulting LLC, Wanita helps companies foster innovation through visual art teambuilding. And after 20+ years of progressive experience at industry heavyweights like Carrier, Alliance, Pratt & Whitney, and Lockheed Martin — it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about effective engineering leadership.

On this episode of Peer Check, Wanita joins host Adam Keating to talk about leading globally-dispersed teams and how to get maximal contributions from everyone you manage.

Listen as Wanita and Adam chat about:

  • The LOVE framework for leading virtual teams effectively
  • Managing globally-dispersed engineering teams
  • Why emotional intelligence is an indispensable component of leadership
  • How to democratize product innovation and make sure everyone is heard  


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