16 — The DNA of Highly Effective Engineering Teams in 2022 w/Adam Keating

Every great feat of engineering comes down to one thing: the team that made it happen.

And whether you’re building everyday products that become part of people’s lives, or designing cutting-edge innovations that might end up on the moon — your success is determined by the way your engineering team works together, communicates, and gets things done.

So what exactly do today’s high-performing engineering teams have in common?

Based on 100s of conversations with ambitious teams along with our own research, we’ve identified the trends that set top teams apart. In this episode of Peer Check, CoLab’s CEO Adam Keating delivers a keynote address to share the highlights.

Listen as Adam breaks down insights on:

  • Why more F500 annual reports than ever mention faster time-to-market
  • How top engineering teams are commercializing new technologies faster than the competition
  • Practical examples of digital transformation sourced from over 100 manufacturing companies
  • 3 engineering processes you need to rethink for effectiveness instead of efficiency
  • The real opportunity for cloud technology in mechanical design


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