15 — Why the CAD Ecosystem is Overdue for Disruption w/István Csanády

As hardware capabilities have evolved over the last 50 years, many industries have successfully integrated new technologies and adapted to changing customer expectations. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case in design manufacturing.From passing around PowerPoint slides to a lack of mobile device support, the design manufacturing industry needs to embrace technology that allows for more efficient, impactful, and cost-effective collaboration. Because as time goes on, innovation will continue to leave the industry further behind.

István Csanády is one person leading the way for companies to start adopting new technology. István is the Founder & CEO of Shapr3D, a cloud tool that lets users take their CAD on the road by making it possible to design and iterate seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.

Listen in as Adam and István discuss:

  • Specific ways design manufacturing technology needs to be updated
  • How design and manufacturing vendors can differentiate themselves effectively
  • Changing customer expectations around hardware and software capabilities
  • Democratizing access to CAD