14 — Hardware is Hard, But Does It Need to Be? w/Mark Morreale

As software companies seem to build, iterate, and ship faster each year, hardware companies face increasing pressure to do the same. But designing and manufacturing hardware comes with a host of challenges that software teams don’t have to deal with.

So how can hardware companies keep up? What methods can help them scale their operations, build trusted partnerships with suppliers and distributors, and continue to develop amazing products?

Our very own Mark Morreale, Engineer-in-Residence at CoLab Software, has dedicated his life to building hardware and building it better. Mark joins the show to share his perspective on how hardware companies can prepare for the future by adopting new methods, building better partnerships, and embracing change.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Challenges and considerations when developing and shipping hardware
  • Adapting existing processes versus starting from scratch
  • Why hardware companies are facing increasing expectations around production speed and profit margin
  • The transition from planning and design to manufacturing
  • Whatsupply chain challenges really mean for hardware companies
  • How to build a trusted partner network by focusing on value-add rather than cost