13 — The Future of Design Collaboration for Engineers w/MJ Peters

**Special Episode**MJ Peters joins The Manufacturing Executive two years after her first appearance on their show to talk about the evolution of workforce collaboration among engineers in manufacturing. Currently the VP of Marketing at CoLab Software, MJ brings a mix of industrial and SaaS experience to her role. Before CoLab, MJ worked with 50+ venture-backed b2b software companies on their demand generation strategies at Refine Labs. And prior to that, she spent six years working at FTSE 100 Halma PLC, a group of mid-sized manufacturing businesses focused on medical, environmental and safety technology. Join us as we discuss:

  • How the way teams communicate and collaborate (especially engineers) has started to change
  • How digital transformations are impacting modern manufacturing and engineering
  • Steps that MJ has taken to uniquely position CoLab in its market