Design comments transformed into Jira issues

CoLab’s Jira integration helps you turn design feedback into actionable Jira issues.

  • $3M
    savings in one VA event
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  • 8 figures
    annual cost savings
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  • 4X
    faster supplier reviews
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  • 15%
    COPQ improvement
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  • 30%
    shorter lead times
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  • 2X
    faster design cycles
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Capture everything in Jira

Ensure any issues identified in design reviews are automatically documented and sent to Jira.

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Comment example

Set your own rules

Control which design comments translate to Jira issues using a flexible rules system.

Eliminate low-value work

Spend less engineering hours on manual issue creation. Let the integration do the heavy lifting for you.

Activity overview
Feedback dashboard

Avoid misinterpretation

Documenting feedback during a design review is manual and time consuming. And the more context you capture, the more admin work it takes. It’s no wonder that 43% of all feedback from design reviews is never documented at all. That’s why CoLab automatically tracks and organizes design feedback, as you do the work. Leaving feedback during a review creates a unique object that is automatically organized into a database and assigned its own URL.

Ready for smoother collaboration?

If you’re ready to see how CoLab can transform the way you work with suppliers, here’s how the process works.

  • Simple external sharing with comprehensive access control
  • Enterprise-grade IP security
  • Automatically capture a more complete digital thread
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