Tired of decentralized design feedback?
So were we.

That's why we created

That's why we developed Gradient...

A cloud based issue tracking and management platform for mechanical design teams

Upload 2D & 3D content

Share with internal and external reviewers

Create issues and list upcoming tasks

Markup model shots in your web browser

Track progress and manage deadlines

Stay ahead of tasks with auto-generated actions

Why Gradient?

Centralized Feedback

Gradient will empower you to eliminate cluttered inboxes, endless spreadsheets and painful slide decks for communicating design feedback.  All feedback will be stored directly with your models to consolidate the information trail.

Focused on Issue Tracking

We outsource our web viewer technology so that we can focus on building the best issue tracking tool for the workflow of a mechanical design team. Tracking and managing design tasks and issues has never been easier.

CAD Agnostic

Leveraging leading edge web viewing technology allows us to support 60+ standard and native CAD file formats. Drag and drop part and assembly files from Solidworks, Fusion360, Inventor, Catia, Creo, NX, Solidedge, Revit and more

Simple Sharing Tools

Sharing with internal and external stakeholders is as simple as typing in an email address or copying a link. Reviewers are brought directly to the model viewer where they can navigate files, and create and reply to issues.

Powerful Web Viewer

A fully functional model browser and access to component meta-data makes it easy to navigate large assemblies and complex drawings, while analysis tools such as sectioning, measuring and exploding allow for in-depth analysis.

Gradient works for any 3D Modeling software and can support teams in just about any industry. Learn today how it could work for your team!

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