Painless design reviews in half the time.

Cut review cycles in half and improve product quality, in one fell swoop. Purpose-built for engineering teams building complex products, yet secure and easy-to-use with any external collaborator. CoLab is the web-based design review tool that lets you move faster, work smarter, and design better.

Re-engineer the way you work.

Shorten review cycles. Minimize admin work. Catch mistakes earlier.

Move faster

A review process that's clear and easy for everyone to follow, so you always know exactly what's next—and what's holding up your next release.

Cut the admin

Get the automatic traceability you've always wanted. Stay focused on your work while CoLab documents everything for you, so records and histories are waiting whenever you need them.

Get input early & often

Because CoLab makes it quick and easy to get input, you can do it early and often—getting all your collaborators on the same page, faster. Mistakes go down. Quality goes up.

Easy setup, minimal training

Get up and running in hours, not months. No installing software, no expensive on-premise servers, and no lengthy onboarding. All you need for CoLab is a web browser—plus the intuitive UI is easy for anyone to use.

How CoLab Works

When your engineering team needs to share or review any model, drawing, or document, CoLab gets it done. CoLab is the fastest way to share and review CAD with anyone during detailed engineering design.

Create with your native CAD tools, centralize design files and conversations in one secure place, simplify and automate the process of getting (and tracking) feedback, get that input early and often, keep revisions organized so everyone is on the same page—and finally have one single source of truth that gives you the full picture of your review process and progress.


Instantly create reviewable packages.

Create in CAD like you always do, then use CoLab to package any model, drawing, or document for review. Showcase your work with CoLab's powerful CAD viewer and build 3D presentations that auto-update with new revisions. If you'd typically do it with a meeting, PowerPoint, PDF, email, or Teams message—you can do it faster and easier with CoLab.


Securely collaborate inside and outside your team.

With a one-click integration or quick drag-and-drop, your up-to-date design is secure in CoLab where easy-to-use access permissions and external link-sharing let you control exactly who sees what (and when).


Files and feedback, side-by-side.

Reviews happen with complete design context in CoLab. Reviewers get access to your full design and can easily navigate the file (even if they're not a CAD user)—so you get deeper feedback on your designs, sooner, without needing to track it. Comments are pinned directly on your drawing or model and conversations happen quicker, with less confusion, so your review cycles shrink to half the size.


Revise, push updated design, repeat as needed.

Don't let a 5-minute fix take up more time than it should! Resolve issues in a fraction of the time with CoLab, with an action punchlist that auto-generates as your designs are reviewed. Make changes as soon as you get them and push your updated file back to CoLab—where the automatic revision history can be viewed anytime.


A headache-free way to manage reviews.

Scale your management capacity with CoLab’s built-in oversight. Whether you’re managing your workday or a whole team, CoLab is easily configured to deliver the visibility, context, and organization you need.

The fastest way to share and review CAD with anyone.

Drawing, document, and model reviews
Design review meetings
Facilitating DFM feedback between design and manufacturing teams
Externally sharing complex and/or proprietary designs for feedback
Tracking and managing design feedback
Tracking and managing review progress


Updating Skillsets for an MBE Workforce

Rethinking the skills engineers need in the Model-Based Enterprise


Empowering the best engineering teams to design better products, faster.

CoLab solves the common problems faced by engineering, design, and manufacturing teams working across industries—but we've also worked to understand the nuances and needs in these specific industry sectors.


The fastest way to share and review CAD.