Case Study
Kraken Robotics

Higher Quality, Less Process: How Kraken Robotics leads in quality through design review efficiency.

Together, Kraken and CoLab have developed an agile design review process that helps Kraken meet their industry-leading quality standards while improving efficiency. 

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"For me, this is a one-stop-shop for design reviews. If I go to CoLab and open my dashboard, that is my review task list right there, keeping me on top of what is next."

Greg Walsh
Mechanical Team Lead

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Jonathon Black
CEO at Black Dunes Design

Kraken’s Mission to Redefine the Industry Standard

Kraken’s passion for innovation goes beyond just the products they build, and into how they build them. They move fast, and meeting unprecedented quality standards does not mean slowing down.

As Kraken scaled, they weren’t satisfied with many common industry standard design review and looked to set a new standard, with a process as innovative as the solutions they make.

Kraken had two targets: Unprecedented Efficiency and Quality.

Kraken wanted a more efficient process, and conducted an analysis to determine if using CoLab would reduce the number of actions to complete a review. Following that analysis, Kraken determined that the CoLab workflow would reduce steps in the process by 20-25%. In a review process with fewer steps, engineers can spend their time designing and building, not administering. The team also required a central hub where reviews could happen asynchronously, or in real-time, so engineers always knew the right version to work on, and could ensure issues and feedback were addressed before becoming expensive changes.  
The New Process : CoLab

Going Lean  - Creating A Central Hub for Reviews

CoLab gave Kraken Robotics a central hub for their entire review process, directly integrated with SolidWorks and PDM. By creating a real-time collaborative hub, teams can improve team interaction and collaboration while reducing waste and unnecessary documentation, and improving efficiency.
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