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Combat inflation and supply chain challenges, with a better way to collaborate. CoLab helps your engineering team strengthen relationships with OEM customers, design around disruptions, and launch new products faster.

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Be an indispensable partner to your OEMs

Your relationships with OEM customers revolve around how well you can communicate together. CoLab gives your team a simple way to exchange design files and feedback with the OEMs you serve, which means you can collaborate more effectively and share more of your design expertise. Quicker and clearer communication leads to fewer defects, delays, design errors — helping you get closer to your customers and protect your biggest contracts.

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Design around supply chain constraints

Brace yourself against supply chain disruptions by tapping into your suppliers’ expertise. CoLab makes it easier to collaborate with suppliers and adapt your designs to work around shortages, delays, and cost increases. With CoLab, suppliers can markup your drawings and even engage with 3D models. They can highlight exactly which components are driving long lead times and suggest solutions to bring them back down. Then your engineers can assess the tradeoffs with full mechanical context and make better-informed design decisions (with less hassle).

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Get new products to market in half the time

Between consumer demands and emission standards around the world, launching products faster is the only option. CoLb gives engineering teams a two-pronged approach to speed up development, by cutting review times in half while catching more mistakes earlier in the design process. With CoLab you can share 2D and 3D files and exchange design feedback in one central hub. Without the hassle of messy email chains and slideshows, teams can complete design cycles 2x-4x faster — shaving months or even years off your time-to-market.

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Ford Pro cuts product development time by 30% in just 9 months of using CoLab

“As we head into 2023, we'll be rolling out this collaborative design tool to our convertor network to accelerate design iterations, drive more innovative solutions, and reduce errors.”

Milan Shah
Director, Ford Pro Special Vehicles
Ford Motor Company

Is your design review process overdue for an upgrade?

  • Leverage your design expertise and solidify Cummins as the partner of choice for OEMs
  • Work closely with sub-suppliers to adapt designs around supply chain disruptions
  • Keep up with shifting technologies and standards by launching new products faster

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