Give your design review process more horsepower.

Engineering teams use CoLab to collaborate on design more effectively — which means catching mistakes earlier, reducing variable costs, and getting to market faster.

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Get closer to your customers

You’ve got real design expertise to offer your customers, but are your communication tools getting in the way? CoLab gives your team a better, more interactive way to collaborate meaningfully with the OEMs you serve. Share files efficiently, pin issues and ideas directly on a drawing or 3D model, and exchange design feedback in real-time. Because if you want stronger customer relationships, it has to start with stronger customer collaboration.

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Detect issues earlier, resolve them faster

Reduce the chance of costly production errors by bringing risk forward into the early stages of product development. CoLab removes ambiguity and uncertainty from the detailed design process, which prevents mistakes from slipping to production and inconveniencing customers. Using workflows in CoLab to standardize your design review process, your team can reliably catch (and design out) errors before they reach the customer.

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Stay on top of industry advancements

Megatrends like electrification and autonomous technology are changing the auto industry (and customer’s requirements) faster than ever before. But with CoLab, your team can speed up design review cycles while simultaneously cutting down on prototype errors. Exchange files and feedback in one central hub so that everyone is always on the same page. Without the hassle of messy email chains and cluttered slideshows, teams can complete design cycles 2-4x faster.

Reduce variable costs with a repeatable framework

Between soaring material and distribution costs, increasing product complexity, and general productivity challenges, it’s harder than ever to get the results you want when trying to improve variable cost ratios. But with structured, digitally-enabled VA/VE workflows, CoLab helps engineering teams drive down variable cost. Tap into more cost reduction ideas from across your organization or use CoLab to improve design for manufacturability with your suppliers — so you can counteract economic pressures and realize significant market growth.

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Ford Pro cuts product development time by 30% in just 9 months of using CoLab

“As we head into 2023, we'll be rolling out this collaborative design tool to our convertor network to accelerate design iterations, drive more innovative solutions, and reduce errors.”

Milan Shah
Director, Ford Pro Special Vehicles
Ford Motor Company

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  • Strengthen customer relationships by collaborating more effectively
  • Catch mistakes earlier and speed up design cycles
  • Reduce variable costs with an improved VA/VE approach

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