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CoLab helps wind power engineering teams review designs, catch mistakes, and resolve issues faster.

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Move faster without making mistakes

Global urgency for sustainable energy creates shorter product life cycles and pressure to get to market sooner. But when speed leads to quality escapes, it hurts your reputation and your bottom line. Enterprise engineering organizations use CoLab to standardize their design review processes — reducing errors and execution issues to a minimum.

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Faster engineering support for factories around the world

With factories producing parts all over the world, time zone clashes and language barriers can kill your product development speed. Issues that could be quickly resolved end up costing you several days of lost production time due to all the back-and-forth. But with CoLab, comments and issues can be pinned directly on a model so there’s no confusion. That means engineering and manufacturing can communicate in a way that’s faster and clearer, keeping production on track.

Win the offshore race

CoLab gets you from first prototype to final prototype faster. Designing for offshore is complex and high stakes, but with more effective design review processes your team can catch mistakes before they make it to testing. That means you can build higher quality prototypes, with less rework, and achieve a final product in a fraction of the time.

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Safeguard your intellectual property

In a technical industry like wind energy, IP is everything. But did you know that engineering collaboration can actually put your IP at risk? For most engineers, the fastest way to share files is via email. But with email, you can’t control where your engineering files go. Give your engineers a fast and secure way to share IP with CoLab.

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“Using CoLab, we can reduce our quality costs because designs get reviewed more, and more easily, and by more people – not only internal people, but also external people. So that helps us to identify any issues before they become an expensive fix.”

Ali Shojaei
Engineering Manager
Schneider Electric

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  • Stay on top of short product lifecycles with more effective design review
  • Speed up engineering support times for global factories
  • Let engineers collaborate, without compromising IP

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