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Disconnected CAD comments, confusing screenshots, email threads, and disjointed PDF reviews make collaborating on a design painful and slow.

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“I save 8 hours in a 5 day work week using CoLab. I love CoLab!”

Senior Production Designer
Leading Ship Designer

“Within an hour I knew 95% of the application and could already see how much time and miscommunication it’ll save our team.”

Fortune 500 Defense Company

“By having a universal issue tracking system and an API we can work with, I see CoLab integrating well with our digitization plans”

Top 10 Global Energy Company

“Not having to share around paper is a huge time savings. If a designer asks me to go look at something I can be there in seconds. CoLab is always open on our computers and it tracks the work from the review to the construction stage”

Team Lead
Leading Ship Designer

Join the future with an agile and collaborative approach to shipbuilding.  

Ships are built as a unified team, across organizations. CoLab unites that team in a secure, collaborative environment. CoLab makes your team more effective, reduces your program costs and shortens review cycles,so you can build ships together.

CoLab is built to handle the review process of shipbuilding projects - both government and commercial. Instant communication, real-time feedback processes and automated quality metrics will supercharge your team’s day to day process.

The digital hub that allows you to collaborate with your team and partners to build world-class ships in record time.

One Location for Real-Time Model Feedback, RFIs and Discussions

Centralized access to all of your 3D models - review designs together, capture feedback and markups directly on the model. No more collating comments from multiple Navis model reviews and other sources - Review one model, in context.

Collaborative Drawing and MI Reviews

Marking up drawings on paper or through desktop PDF tools results in duplication and misalignment. Review drawings and documents together on the web in real time. When you are ready to move it to the next stage or share externally, simply share the latest revision to the next workspace.

Complete Oversight for Improved Quality

Every piece of feedback, issue or markup is tracked in CoLab and can be managed from a suite of dashboards. By using CoLab, you can automate the generation of the data needed for quality reports, meeting minutes and design decisions in a few clicks.

Case Study


Genoa Sets the New Shipbuilding Production Drawing Review Standard With CoLab

Together, CoLab and Genoa are building the future of design and manufacturing collaboration, leading the shipbuilding industry forward.

The digital hub that allows you to collaborate daily while building and maintaining world class digital twins.

Aerospace and defense contractors use comprehensive product lifecycle management tools to manage complex, multi-disciplinary design projects. The complexity of these solutions limit their effectiveness for day-to-day design collaboration. CoLab reduces friction between project stakeholders, enhances security and standardizes your design review and issue tracking process.
In the Aerospace and Defense industry, your projects are governed by a set of very important and complex regulations from the FAA, ITAR and other bodies. CoLab will allow you to standardize your communication, review and issue tracking processes and even automate the generation of design histories and changes. By working in CoLab your team will be able to auto-generate reports and histories needed for regulatory approval, while improving the overall quality and reliability of your solution.
Eliminate budget overrun and eliminate preventable engineering changes. CoLab enables teams to collaborate from day 1 and have the visibility they need to catch and resolve issues before they become expensive change orders.

The shipbuilding world is digitizing and becoming agile - don’t get left behind. Start collaborating and executing better than ever before.

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Lifecycle Issue Tracking

Built for engineering workflows from early design through production

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3D Design Review

Simple, integrated reviews with industry-leading security

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Collaborative Drawing Reviews

Redline any PDF with your team together, in real-time

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3D Work Instructions

Clear work instructions that provide all of the context instantly

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Program Task Management

Coordinate change packages reviews with all stakeholders

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Supply Chain Collaboration

Simplify your supply chain, without the IP risks

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