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User Permissions

Note: Users can be created by Admin accounts from the administration page. The administration page allows admin users to add, remove and edit users within their organization.

“External” - external users are only able to view projects they’ve been invited to - they cannot create their own projects. Within a project they are able to upload files, view files, download files (if downloading is enabled), create issues, comment on issues, create reviews and view reviews. They cannot invite other users and they cannot access the project settings page.

“Designer” - designer users are able to do everything external users can do, plus create their own projects. Within projects they create they are able to add other users and access the project settings.

“Admin” - admin users are able to do everything designer users can do, but they also have access to the admin page which allows them to add and remove users from the company.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate account type, click “Add User”. The person will then receive an email asking them to create a CoLab account.

From the admin page, you are also able to edit and remove users by clicking the “Edit” or “Remove” icons on the right side of the user’s row in the table. Removing a user does not delete their account, but rather removes them from all projects owned by your company that they have access to.

Finally, you may notice users listed with the user type “Project User”. These are users from other companies who have been invited to one or more of your company’s projects.

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