Editing a Design Review

Getting Started

To edit an existing design review, first click the ‘edit’ button in the bottom right corner of the design review ‘card’.

From here, you can edit the title, description, associated issues, and all other fields. You can also edit the model position associated with each slide by re-positioning the model in the viewer. The position of the model at the time you click ‘save and continue’ will be the position associated with the slide.

To edit subsequent slides click ‘save and continue’, or click ‘previous’ to return to the previous slide for editing.

To add a slide to an existing review, click the ‘+’ button in the design review planner menu. This slide will get saved as the next in the sequence from the slide you are currently viewing.

If a file associated with a review is deleted, you will see a ‘file not found’ message on the slides associated with that view. In order to edit this review, you will need to add new model positions on those slides from a file that has not been deleted before proceeding.