Adding Screenshots & Markups to Issues

Issue Tracking

Users can take screenshots, attach them to issues and mark them up. After creating an issue, click the “Take Screenshot” button under “Attachments & Screenshots”. This will take a screenshot of the viewer and attach it to the issue. The screenshot can then be marked up by clicking the ‘Markup Screenshot’ icon (i.e. paper and pencil icon) below the screenshot thumbnail. This opens the screenshot with a set of markup tools (e.g. freehand draw, shapes, clouds, callouts, lines and arrows) located to the right side of the viewer.

Select the desired markup tool, then click and drag to add markups. When finished, click the “Save & Close” button in the top right corner. You can copy and paste markups using ctrl+c and ctrl+v. Using the “Cursor” or “Select” tool, you can click and drag to select multiple markup items to copy and paste. You can also undo and redo individual markups with ctrl+z and ctrl+y, or using the undo redo buttons in the right sidebar. Finally, individual markups can be deleted by selecting them and hitting delete on your keyboard, or the trash can icon in the right sidebar.