How Mechanical Engineers Can Prepare for a Model-Based Future

The same way CAD transformed everything in engineering, model-based methods are changing the way hardware teams work. The model-based future is coming. So what can you do to prepare?

Mark Morreale

Product Specialist
CoLab Software

Alison Olechowski

Assistant Professor
University of Toronto

June 29th, 1:00 PM EST

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Are you ready for the next engineering revolution?

Imagine being the last engineer or team to embrace CAD when it first rocked the profession. Model-based methods will define the ways we work in the future — so organizations that start incorporating them now are better-equipped to solve tomorrow's problems. Join this one-hour webinar as Mark Morreale and Alison Olechowski give you the latest info on what's coming.

What you'll learn from Mark and Alison:
  1. What the model-based future looks like and how all the acronyms fit together (MBD, MBE, MBSD, MBSE)
  2. How engineering work will change and what opportunities will be unlocked because of it
  3. What needs to happen to prepare for the shift — across industry, academia, standards, and teams


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