Rethinking Design Review: The Future is Lean & Agile

Design review is a critical part of what engineering teams do every day. They help us make the innovative, high-performing technology we introduce to the world. Everyone does design reviews - but few of us have a way to do it well.

Issues get lost in email threads, time is lost in old revisions, and debating model feedback over screen-sharing leads to misinterpretation and meetings that run way too long.

What if design reviews didn't have to live in your email inbox?

Thursday, October 8th
1:00 PM EST

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Join Adam Keating, mechanical engineer and CEO of CoLab, to learn:

  • how you can manage your team and how agile engineering design works
  • how industry leaders are using our tools to innovate faster, and better
  • sneak peek at CoLab 3.0

Adam Keating

Co-Founder, CEO

Adam is one of the co-founders and the CEO of CoLab - a Canadian company setting the standard for agile engineering design review and issue tracking. Adam is a Mechanical Engineer and previously worked on one the world's first hyperloop vehicles, an electric propulsion system for large-scale aircraft, a biology-guided radiotherapy system and several multi-billion dollar energy projects.

His experience in industry and passion for giving engineering teams a better set of tools to do their job motivated him to move from being a mechanical engineer to building solutions for mechanical engineers and their teams.