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How Mechanical Engineers Can Prepare for a Model-Based Future

The same way CAD transformed everything in engineering, model-based methods are changing the way hardware teams work. The model-based future is coming. So what can you do to prepare?

CoLab Product Breakdown: Ingenuity Achieves First Powered Flight on Mars

CoLab Solutions Engineer Shahin Safakhoo describes some of the challenges that had to be overcome to make this milestone achievement happen, explains how Ingenuity compares to helicopter flight on Earth, and highlights the way a simple solution to a complex problem came in to play with this design.
Product Breakdown

CoLab Design Breakdown: See NASA's Perseverance Rover Explained

Watch this design breakdown of NASA's Perseverance Rover! CoLab Solutions Engineer Shahin Safakhoo and Product Specialist Ned Nadima walk you through the rover's design, explain more about it, and discuss humanity's exploration of space.
Product Breakdown

Rethinking Design Review: The Future is Lean & Agile

Issues get lost in email threads, time is lost in old revisions, and debating model feedback over screen-sharing leads to misinterpretation and meetings that run way too long.What if design reviews didn't have to live in your email inbox?

3 Ways to Update Your Design Review Process for 2021

Based on conversations with 100s of engineers and industry leaders, this 1-hour webinar explains the weaknesses with design review today and how you can address them. Sign up to learn 3 concrete ways to update your design review process for 2021!


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