Meet The Team

Our mission is to enable global engineering teams working on complex design and manufacturing projects to collaborate efficiently with their supply chain to get to market faster with less mistakes.
The core of our team is located on the east coast of Canada in Newfoundland and Labrador and is made up of engineers, software developers, and business people.
Adam Keating
CEO & Co-Founder
Jeremy Andrews
CTO & Co-Founder
Taylor Young
Business Development Lead
Peter Gosse
Product Design Lead
Alex Collins
Full Stack Developer
Freddie Pike
Full Stack Developer
Sam Russell
Senior Full Stack Developer
Connor Whalen
Full Stack & DevOps
Tyler Kelloway
Commercialization Manager
Christina Fong
Customer Success Specialist
Riley Flynn
Full Stack Development Intern
John Barry
Front-End Development Intern
Matthew Dunne
Quality Assurance Specialist
Daniel Power
Full Stack Development Intern
Mitchell Hynes
Full Stack Development Intern

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