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Simplify your supply chain, without the IP risk

Share and review files in one unified platform with industry-leading enterprise control and security. Provide controlled access to key design and manufacturing data with world-class security. 

A laptop screen showing a SolidWorks 3D model of mechanical assemblies in a Hyperloop Pod

Sending emails with models, feedback and updates creates data silos, inefficiencies and puts IP at risk.

Your IP is your most important data - unsecure sharing methods like emails, FTP and file-hosting services puts that data at risk. Tight controls with limited sharing prevents engineers from critical collaboration, and decision making processes, slowing down your design process and leading to preventable mistakes. CoLab’s cutting-edge web-viewing technology enables your team to collaborate effectively while maintaining the critical security measures you need.

How Does It Work?

Secure File Sharing

External sharing must be tightly controlled, and sharing CAD files, screenshots and sensitive information through email cannot protect IP in the way enterprise teams need. CoLab offers teams a secure web-based sharing that has the security of an enterprise FTP with the simplicity and accessibility of a shared drive.

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

Multi-Company Reviews

CoLab is built for sharing. Invite external users with ease - no downloads, setup or extensive training required. Reviewers simply follow a link from their email, and are guided through each step of the review. All feedback they create is automatically tracked and logged against that review. Once they’re done, we’ll let you know. Simple and secure collaboration, with automatic tracking and histories.

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

Shared Workspaces

One of the most common security concerns is how do teams maintain segregation of internal and external communications without requiring file duplications and silos. CoLab allows you to upload/sync files once, then link them to secure workspaces where you can control who has access to each. The same file is visible in N workspaces, each with different access permissions. All communications related to that file rolls up into one location for the IP owner.

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

IP Protection

Data security is CoLab’s top priority. CoLab provides an enterprise security program to meet your strictest security protocols, including SSO, end-to-end encryption and industry leading data backups. CoLab provides your technical resources with regular access to our security team to ensure we can not only improve your collaboration, but your security posture as well.

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

Enterprise Controls

All of our customers are building critical technology with unique requirements. We’re regularly extending our enterprise controls system so you can control sharing privileges, downloading, data access and more. If you have a request, let us know and we are happy to explore it!

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

"The app was amazing to have on the shop floor during our build. I would say 2 thumbs up!"

Engineering Manager
Fortune 500 Industrial Equipment Leader

“By having a universal issue tracking system and an API we can work with, I see CoLab integrating well with our digitization plans”

Top 10 Global Energy Company

The simplest and most secure way to work with your supply chain

3rd Party Security Validation

Validated by one of North America’s top security firms, CoLab is enterprise ready.

Single Source of Truth

With workspaces directly connected to a secure central data repo, we can give you the best of both worlds - data integrity + communication control.

Granular Permissions

Each workspace has its own set of controls and you can provision access as needed. For sensitive workspaces, you can control permissions such as downloading.

Instant Sharing, No Set-up

CoLab is cloud-based and requires no installation to get going. Share a link, create an account and start collaborating.

Enterprise SSO and Admin Controls

Enterprise authentication options, with full administrative controls to ensure your authentication, authorization, and permissions requirements are met. 

Low Barrier to Entry

CoLab is simple, intuitive and  inclusive of all stakeholders - regardless of technical background or discipline. Get started in under an hour.

Become an industry leader and transform the way your engineering team communicates and solves your toughest challenges.

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Success Story - Johnson Controls

In 2018, CoLab approached the Johnson Controls Chillers team with a question. What is your biggest pain point in product development? The answer: Communication. Together, CoLab and JCI committed to solving it. 

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