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One Location for Every Task, Action and Update

CoLab automates the issue and task management process, so engineers can easily get their punch list, and managers have continuous oversight of progress. CoLab automatically tracks histories, notifies users of updates, and automates the reporting process, giving managers everything they need for effective program management.

A laptop screen showing a SolidWorks 3D model of mechanical assemblies in a Hyperloop Pod

Why waste your time giving or seeking updates when you can automate it?

Managing complex programs requires effective communication to keep the team on schedule and focused on the key objectives. Outdated program management runs on disconnected, manual tools and involves individual engineers to keep up on actions, and progress, and remember key decisions and project details.  CoLab integrates processes and tools, eliminates manual work and captures complete histories along the way. Engineers collaborate in CoLab, complete their day-to-day work and the platform automatically logs the data, updates and reports and makes it available to management to make key decisions.

How Does It Work?

Issue and Action Progress

Things change quickly - keep everyone in the loop at every stage of the process. Every time an issue is identified, a file revised, or a task is completed, CoLab automatically notifies those who need to know. Configure notifications for email, desktop or mobile to ensure you get the information you need, in the moment you need it. For specific issue lists, review findings, overdue tasks and more, simply filter the dashboard and get exactly what you need.  

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

Personal Punchlists

From the dashboard you can quickly filter and save views to create your own personal action and update center. With the flexibility of CoLab it’s easy to create views that work for every role - designer, engineer, manager, supply chain, etc. As things update across all of your projects, you will see updates in real-time - no reporting or extra actions needed.

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

Program Overviews

Effective program management requires constant insight into program progress, across varying, complex scopes of work. With CoLab, you’ll never have to send that ‘Can I get an update?’ email again. Gain continuous insight into program status in real-time with CoLab dashboards -  instantly understand how your programs are doing and what the hot issues are to resolve, without any manual information gathering

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

Complete Audit Trails

Compliance tracking is important and it shouldn’t be an after-thought once a process is complete. As engineering teams, we’re trusted to build some of the world’s most important technology - ensuring the highest level quality is critical. With CoLab, your design records, histories, meeting minutes and audit trails are automatically created and never deleted. Better compliance reporting, faster.

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

Simple Reporting

Meeting minutes, design changes, file histories, quality reports and more. Each are key components of a robust quality program - but they don’t need to take extra time. CoLab allows you to generate reports for the data you need with a few clicks on the dashboard.

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

"The app was amazing to have on the shop floor during our build. I would say 2 thumbs up!"

Engineering Manager
Fortune 500 Industrial Equipment Leader

“By having a universal issue tracking system and an API we can work with, I see CoLab integrating well with our digitization plans”

Top 10 Global Energy Company

Management made simple, so you can focus on solving problems

Real-Time Updates

Everything in CoLab real-time. Never wait for updates or become async from your team. 

Filtered Views

Use the filters on the dashboards or in projects to easily get the data you need instantly.

Customizable Dashboards

Configure the dashboards to show the data you care most about. Save the views so you can quickly get the updates you need.

Context in a Click

If you are trying to solve a problem or need to drill down to get more information, we make it easy. CoLab links all 2D/3D data directly to the dashboards so you can easily get back to the view you need.

Enterprise Histories & Reporting

As you work, CoLab builds the histories, data and reports you need. In the future, we plan to put this data to work so you can proactively manage your program with predictive analytics.

One-Stop Planning - Coming Soon

Industry leaders have continuously told us they want to be able to plan programs and key activities in CoLab. We listened and soon you will be able to manage your entire program in CoLab.

Become an industry leader and transform the way your engineering team communicates and solves your toughest challenges.

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Success Story - Genoa

Together, CoLab and Genoa are building the future of design and manufacturing collaboration, leading the shipbuilding industry forward.

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