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Supercharged 3D Reviews Without Expensive CAD

Industry leading 3D viewing in a secure, centralized hub. Accessible to all stakeholders, while maintaining industry-leading security measures and high-performance 3D viewing with all the detail your technical team needs to make critical decisions.

A laptop screen showing a SolidWorks 3D model of mechanical assemblies in a Hyperloop Pod

Stop wasting time with desktop CAD viewers, powerpoints and screenshots

Securely sharing and reviewing 3D content is complex. CoLab eliminates the need for desktop CAD viewers, powerpoint decks, screenshots, emails/FTP and the suite of disconnected tools you use to manually stitch together design reviews.

Sync your file with CoLab, securely share a guided 3D review with your team (or supply chain) complete with sections, measurements, and even 3D markups, so they can review and make decisions with all of the context. Best part? All of the feedback is logged in the review, in real-time so get trackable feedback, with complete histories in an instant. 

How does it work?

Review Meetings

Stop reviewing marked up screenshots or waiting minutes for a 3D model to load in desktop-CAD. Walk through a series of views in 3D with a single button, dive deeper as you need more information and add feedback directly on the model. No more transcribed feedback, misinterpretation, or fighting for the mouse during your review. All feedback in a review meeting gets automatically logged against that review, so you know what was said, and when.

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

Gate Reviews

In a formal review, you want to capture your best work and be prepared to answer challenging questions. CoLab allows you to create professional presentations and walkthroughs of your design, share with stakeholders and keep the critical data you need to answer questions and provide detail, all at your fingertips. Captivate your audience with an experience almost as good (and convenient) as seeing the real thing.

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

DFM Reviews

DFM reviews made simple. Securely share your design in CoLab and invite your supplier. No downloads, setup or training needed. As they have feedback, they simply annotate or tag the model, provide feedback, and work with you to find a resolution.

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

Customer Presentations & Reviews

Demonstrate the value you provide to your customers, with high-performance 2D and 3D viewing. CoLab will allow you to give them controlled access to models and presentations where they can simply add feedback in a single click. Make decisions together, approve revisions and maintain complete histories automatically, so there is no more searching through old emails for a decision.

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

Remote Reviews

Coordinating reviews across multiple time zones often means someone is left out or forced to work after-hours. With CoLab, complete reviews asynchronously with all feedback appearing in real time - allowing you to instantly catch up and avoid duplication of effort. 

Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

“Cost effective and cost savings – estimated 75% annual savings from original hours spent in review, management, & feedback”

Engineering Manager
Fortune 500 Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

“We don’t do design reviews as often as we should because they are so cumbersome and take a long time. Their solution is simple and powerful.”

Fortune 500 Industrial Equipment Leader

Democratize access to 3D content so your team can work smarter, not harder.

View over 65 CAD Formats

CoLab supports all the major CAD file formats in the manufacturing industry, such as SolidWorks, CATIA, NX, Creo, STEP and JT.

High Fidelity on Any Computer

CoLab will allow you to render massive models far quicker than your desktop tool, even on something like a tablet or Chromebook.

Analyze the Model & Metadata

Using CoLab’s analysis tools, measure, section, isolate and explode the model while drilling down into detailed metadata in the file tree.

Guided Reviews

Create review templates or presentations to walk other stakeholders through the core design while capturing positions, states and annotations with the model.

Automate Feedback Cycles

As stakeholders have feedback, they can directly add it to the model and CoLab will auto-generate the design changes and meeting minutes from the review.

Auto-Updating Reviews

Your model is going to change, and you don’t want to recreate reviews. Avoid replacing old screenshots in a Powerpoint deck - automatically update your model views with new revisions (but only when you want to!)

Become an industry leader and transform the way your engineering team communicates and solves your toughest challenges.

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Success Story - Johnson Controls

In 2018, CoLab approached the Johnson Controls Chillers team with a question. What is your biggest pain point in product development? The answer: Communication. Together, CoLab and JCI committed to solving it. 

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