CoLab for Aerospace & Defense Contractors

Aerospace and defense contractors use comprehensive product lifecycle management tools to manage complex, multi-disciplinary design projects. The complexity of these solutions limit their effectiveness for day to day design collaboration. Learn how CoLab can reduce friction between project stakeholders by streamlining your design review and reporting process.

Streamline your Design Review and Reporting Process

Gradient streamlines your reporting process by centralizing design feedback
Linking manufacturing issues to 3D models
Linking manufacturing issues to 3D models

Simplify Feedback & Reporting

By linking issues and action items directly to CAD files and design reviews, CoLab allows you to generate detailed meeting minutes and progress reports in just a few clicks.
Marking up a 3D model of aerospace equipment in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software
Screenshot of a web based design review of a quadcopter 3D model design in Gradient

Streamline Design Reviews

CoLab's Review Planner tool allows you to quickly prepare and execute online, and in-person design reviews. The review planner’s intuitive, slideshow-like interface makes it easy to explain design intent and request feedback, without having to create a separate powerpoint presentation or document.

Securely Share CAD Files

CoLab leverages cutting edge viewing technology to give your suppliers immediate access to 2D & 3D design files in the web. The data-rich format enables comprehensive analysis without risking loss of intellectual property.
Screenshot of a measuring tool being used on a component of a quadcopter 3D CAD model in the Gradient web design review software
  • Access to 2D/3D CAD Data in the Web
  • Analysis Tools Such as Measure and Section
  • Sync files directly from your CAD tool
  • Online Design Review Sessions
  • Issue Tracking & Action Assignment
  • 2D/3D Markup Tools
  • Open Issues Dashboard
  • Requirements Management
  • Progress Tracking
  • Design Verification and Validation
  • Issue & Change Histories
  • Automated Reporting
  • Secure Sharing in Controlled Workspaces
  • Centralized Feedback
  • Oversight Across All Suppliers

Streamline your design review process and resolve issues faster.

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