What’s New from CoLab - Release 2.18

CoLab Team

November 17, 2020


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Release 2.18 brings improved presentation creation & markup tools, workspace file sharing, 3D issue creation, and more.

Simplified Presentation Creation

We’ve simplified the Presentation creation process with only one Presentation type. Once you create a Presentation, you can now combine 3D Model and PDF files in the one Presentation by using the ‘Select File’ button to create a new slide with a different file.

Slide Duplication

To make Presentation creation easier, we’ve added the ability to duplicate slides. Click the ‘Slide Options’ menu on the slide card, and select ‘Duplicate Slide.’

Presentation Markup Tool Improvements - Multi-Select Markups and Copy/Paste

When creating markups on Presentation slides, you can now multi-select markups and copy/paste them across slides, whether the slides are 3D Models or PDF files. We’ve also added a new markup tool, with the ability to set the background color for shape markups. 

Easily Approve Presentations

When you’re ready to approve a Presentation, click the new ‘Approve’ button in the top right corner of the Presentation.

Copy Files Across Workspaces

File sharing is now even easier with the ability to copy files across workspaces (note: you must be the owner of the workspace you’re copying the files from). Simply right click a file and select ‘Copy To Workspace’. A toast notification will appear letting you know when your file is copied to the desired workspace.

Expandable Files Window for Long File Names

We’ve added the ability to expand the left side panel so you can easily view Files with long names (click the ‘Expand’ button at the top of the Files window). You’ll also notice that the Files window now immediately loads when opening a workspace, instead of the Issues list.

Hyperlink Support in Issue Descriptions

To help make external linking easier, we’ve added support for Hyperlinks in issue descriptions. Simply copy/paste a URL into the issue description field and click the checkmark to save. It’ll automatically change to a hyperlink.

Screenshot Alongside 3D Pin Issue Creation 

To add more context to a 3D issue, use the new screenshot button on the issue card after dropping a 3D pin. Just click the screenshot button on the issue card, and a screenshot of that model view will be saved with the issue. You can then add markups to the screenshot to further convey design intent.

Performance Improvements Related To:

We’re constantly focused on improving CoLab’s performance. Recent improvements include:

  • File tree loading
  • File uploading
  • Presentation loading
  • Solidworks Plugin
  • Notifications & Workspace loading in the left sidebar


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November 17, 2020

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