Hyundai Mobis is one of the world's leading automotive suppliers, working with industry-leading Automakers. With a presence spanning the globe, worldwide collaboration is an integral part of their business.

Using the CoLab platform, Hyundai Mobis is uniting teams from the United States to South Korea, streamlining the module assembly process, and improving collaboration with OEMs. The result is seamless global design collaboration.

Like many engineering teams, Hyundai Mobis' Detroit team experienced challenging CAD accessibility when viewing and sharing CAD files throughout their organization, and with external stakeholders.

The team would typically share and receive files through large, often time-consuming uploads to an FTP site or by capturing screenshots. Once the file was shared, they'd then attempt to communicate feedback, design intent, and demonstrate the most effective method for assembly through screenshots and slide decks.

This process was consuming up to 75% of the time in the review process and often limited the team's ability to collaborate with suppliers and customers in real-time.

“The review of changes is much much faster and and much more accurate for my engineering team.”

- Hak Park, Engineering Manager, Hyundai Mobis

With CoLab, the team at Hyundai Mobis now shares and reviews 3D files and drawings on the web. They create dynamic 3D design reviews and assembly instructions to share with internal teams and customers and track the completion of reviews and actions through CoLab's integrated issue tracking system.

Hyundai Mobis' team in Michigan and Korea are working together to build world-class, innovative products for one of the world's largest Automakers, Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA). "FCA is constantly sending revisions to their parts or components. We can see in CoLab what it was, what it is now, and assess it much better than we could before. That's a very big benefit for us." says Park, Manager at Hyundai Mobis.

A modern approach to design review

Park explains that through the implementation of CoLab, they were better prepared to compete on top contracts. "The issues and reviews that we created on our files were key for our tech review when we were bidding for the program. FCA really liked being able to see the model and assembly on screen and move it around. I think that was very helpful." In comparison to previous desktop viewers they had tried, Park shares, "we didn't have any real control. You can't do the reviews and issue creation that CoLab has."

Successful collaboration is essential and critical to their business, and CoLab is helping Hyundai Mobis connect their teams around the world to get there. "We work together. We care because we have to operate the plant for the next 6 to 10 years. We have to set it up correctly, or else we'll fail."

July 14, 2020

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