PDF Markup Improvements

  1. Arrowhead Sizing. The arrowhead markup tool now matches the ASME standard for drawing markups. 

  1. Cross-hair Mouse on Markups. When you select a markup tool, the cursor will change to a cross-hair mouse (looks like a + button) to indicate you are about to make a markup, instead of an arrow cursor.
  2. Hit ‘Esc’ to Exit Markup Tool. Hitting ‘Esc’ on your keyboard now exits the markup tool that you have active and switches back to the Selection Tool (i.e. arrow cursor).
  3. Select Text on PDFs. We’ve added a ‘Text Selection’ Tool to the PDF Markup Toolbar (second icon from the left). 

        Text Select to Copy and Paste Text:

  1. Select the ‘Text Selection’ tool
  2. Click on text on a PDF and the text will highlight
  3. Simply copy the text and paste elsewhere as desired

         Text Select for Visiting Outside Links:

  1. Select the ‘Text Selection’ tool
  2. Use the ‘Text Selection’ tool to highlight a link in the PDF
  3. Right-click the highlighted text and select ‘Go to…’
  4. The website should open in a new tab in your browser


Option to Choose File when Creating Review Slides

Previously, when you opened a review, clicking the ‘+’ button would create a new slide from the current (i.e. open) file. Now, you have the option to create a review slide from the current file or a different file through a prompted ‘from file’ drop down menu. 

Right Panel Improvements

  • - Issue Count : Issue count number added to issue icon (i.e. File Issues)
  • - Revision Details :File revision tooltip added to revisions icon (i.e. File Details)

‘Empty Project’ View After Creating New Project

Upon entering a newly created project, the viewer displays ‘Empty Project’ to indicate that there are no files and prompts the user to upload a file. 


Mention System Fix. Resolved a bug which could cause the ‘mention’ feature to not work immediately for users when commenting on issues opened from the dashboard.

Clicking a Review Invite launches the Review. After you’ve been assigned to a review, you can now click on the link in the email notification or the in-app notifications in CoLab, and the review will automatically be launched.

Mobile App Update


  • - Added the ability to download images on your phone

Bug Fixes

  • - New push notification icon
  • - Bug fixes related to keyboard focusing
  • - It’s now easier to close the filter/sort window by clicking outside it

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