Web App Update

Improved Notification Settings

Users now have more granular control over notification settings. We’ve added a notification preferences table that allows you to enable or disable specific notifications. It also allows you to specify where you would like to receive each type of notification (email, in CoLab, desktop, mobile).

To update your notification preferences, click on your ‘Profile Settings’ and scroll down to Notifications. We’ve created several default options that you can choose by clicking the drop-down menu in the top right corner:

  • - Notify me of everything
  • - Only project invitation and issue assignment
  • - Only project invitation
  • - No notifications

We recommend creating a ‘Custom Preset’ option and enabling your own selection of notifications. We recommend enabling all notifications for In-App, Desktop, and Mobile, and a limited selection for email to reduce email noise. Here’s our recommendation for email notifications:

  • - When you are @mentioned in an issue
  • - When you are subscribed to an issue
  • - Being assigned to a review
  • - Being assigned to an issue
  • - When someone invites you to a project

Click ‘Save’ when you’ve set your desired notification preferences, and this will become your ‘Custom Preset’ selection. The below image includes our recommendations:

Not receiving desktop notifications? Make sure you have desktop notifications enabled:

1. Enable desktop notifications for Google Chrome in Windows settings. Search for ‘notifications’ in the windows start menu. Once the ‘Notifications & actions settings’, and toggle ‘Google Chrome’ notifications ‘On’, as shown below.

2. Enable desktop notifications from app.colabsoftware.com. Open app.colabsoftware.com in your browser and click the padlock icon to the left of the URL. Next to “Notifications” select ‘Allow’.

3. Ensure “Focus Assist” is turned off. Right click on the action center icon in the bottom right corner of the windows taskbar. Hover over the “Focus Assist” option, and select “Off”.

Two New PDF Markup Tools

1. Keep a markup tool active with ‘Repeat Markup Mode’. We know that having to click the markup tool every time is annoying when you’re creating multi-markups, so we fixed it! Simply double-click on any markup tool to enable ‘repeat markup mode’. You’ll notice a ‘repeat’ symbol appear on the markup tool, and you’ll then be able to add successive markups without having to reselect it each time. Click once to to turn it off. 

2. New colors added to the Highlight Tool. Previously, the highlight tool was limited to yellow, but we’ve added an additional 5 colors. To check them out, first click the highlight tool (pen and paper icon) then click the color-picker (defaulted to yellow) and select one of the 5 new colors.

Touchscreen Support for 3D Viewer. We’ve added touchscreen support to the 3D viewer for use on tablets and other touch devices. For iPad users, we recommend using the Safari browser to access app.colabsoftware.com.

Ability to Edit Issue Resolutions. You can now edit Issue Resolutions! Click the options menu next to ‘Issue Resolution’ within an Issue, and select ‘Edit Resolution’.


Issues Saving PDF Markups. Several users reported issues related to saving PDF markups. We have implemented multiple fixes related to this bug, and continue to work on further improvements to the PDF markup interface.

Mobile App Update

New Features

Users can now zoom in on images and screenshots uploaded to issues using pinch-to-zoom. Touch two fingers on the touch screen, and move them apart to zoom in, or together to zoom out.

UI/UX Improvements for Android and iOS

- A ‘Send’ arrow icon has been added to the keyboard when typing a comment. Previously, a ‘Done’ button was shown.

UI/UX Improvements for iOS only

- Unnecessary white space removed from the image viewer (applicable for iPhone X models).

- When you click to edit an issue description, the text-input will now auto-focus, allowing you to type immediately.

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