New Features

CoLab for Mobile.
We’re releasing a CoLab mobile app for iOS or Android devices, allowing you to access CoLab anywhere, anytime. Take photos on the production line or during a prototype build and create an issue instantly. This release includes sorting and filtering issues, mobile push notifications, and rich text comments.

We’re offering the mobile app to all existing customers at no additional cost. We’ll also be providing access to new customers as of April 6th. Email for priority sign up!

New Right Sidebar - File Versioning and Issue Tracking List. When you open up a project and open a file, you'll notice we’ve added a ‘right sidebar’ to the right of the viewer. This provides more detailed information about file versions and displays a list of issues specific to the file you have open.

Solidworks 2020 Support. To our customers who use Solidworks 2020, we know you’ve been waiting for this! We’re excited to tell you that we now support Solidworks 2020 files. If you have questions about this update, or want access to our Solidworks plugin, please reach out!

Removed ‘Delete’ Option if User is Not Project Admin or Folder Owner. To enhance control and security, we’ve removed the ability to delete a folder if you’re not a project admin or the owner of the folder. 

Markup Icons Added to Top Bar in Review Mode. To give you easier access to hide and show markups, the hide/show icon (i.e. the eye icon) and the refresh icon now appear in the top toolbar after you launch a review.

Notification for File Uploads. Now, when another user uploads a file to a project you’re in, you’ll get notified via email, desktop, and in-app notifications.

New 3D Viewer Feature - ‘Select All Instances’ of a Part. This new feature gives you the ability to select a part and show all instances of that part within a Solidworks assembly. Simply click the part, right click and select ‘Select All Instances’. This makes it easy to hide, or isolate, all instances of a part within an assembly.

Bug Fixes:

The ‘Reviews’ Expandable Dashboard. Previously, when you expanded the Reviews dashboard from the main home dashboard and tried to sort by due date, it sorted the due dates in alphabetical order. We’ve fixed that so now when you click due date, it sorts by nearest upcoming date.

Cloud Tool Scaling on PDFs has Been Improved. We improved our popular cloud tool so the size of the cloud scales well for your markup needs.

Ability for Admins to Re-add Archived Users. To save our customers time, we’ve granted the ability for company Admins to unarchive users from the Admin panel within a project. So if you have a user that needs to be unarchived, you no longer need to reach out to us to reactivate them!

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