New Features

Improved PDF Markup Interface.
When you add a markup to a PDF, the create issue card will now appear directly next to your markup. If you’re zoomed in on a PDF, you no longer have to zoom out to submit the issue! Also, once the issue is created, clicking the markup will open the issue summary right next to the markup.

Tag Users with the @ Symbol (like social media!). If you’re familiar with tagging users on social media, you’ll love this feature! Simply type @ in an issue description or comment, followed by the username of the person you wish to mention. This will send  them a notification and subscribe them to that issue. If a user is in your company or a project you are associated with, you can tag and add them to the project.

Project Control for Admins. We’ve added a Project panel to the company Admin page. If you’re an Admin, you’ll now have visibility of all projects in your company and have the ability to join or leave projects, as well as modify project settings.

Autolink Issues Created During a Review.
When you create an issue in a review, the issue will now automatically link to the slide it was created on.  You will be able to see the slide auto-linked under ‘Associated Reviews’ when you open the issue in the left drawer. This makes it easy to filter for issues created during a specific review.

Bug Fixes:

3D Markup Fixes. Since we released 3D markups, we’ve done a number of improvements and fixes based on initial usage and customer feedback. 

Display Correct Color in Markup Toolbar. Previously, in certain situations the markup toolbar would display a different color than actually selected. This has been resolved.

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