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Release Notes - Version 2.5


New Features

3D Markups in Design Reviews.
Create markups directly on 3D models within the Review Planner. Simply open a review, click ‘Markup’ on a review slide and create your markups to communicate design intent or clarify an issue. To delete a markup, click ‘Markup’, select the markup you wish to get rid of, and delete. Click ‘Save’ when you’re finished. 

You can hide and show markups by clicking the ‘eye’ icon on the review slide to toggle markups on and off. Note that 3D markups are only supported with our new viewing technology. If you have questions about that, reach out to christina@colabsoftware.com.

Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox Browser Support. CoLab now supports all modern web browsers! Make sure you pin app.colabsoftware.com in your preferred browser for easy access.

Ability to See Project and Folder Owners from the Dashboard. You can now see who owns a project or folder from the dashboard by hovering over the user avatar on the right. If you have admin access, you can also change who owns the folder. More on that below!

Ability for Admins to Change Folder Ownership.
CoLab admins have the ability to change the owner of a folder on the dashboard. Open the ellipses menu next to the folder, click ‘Change Owner’, then ‘Edit Owner’ in the modal pop-up. Search for the desired new owner, and click ‘Set Owner’.

UI/UX Fixes

Improved Dashboard Loading Speed. We know waiting can be annoying, so we’ve been working hard to improve dashboard loading performance! If you have a lot of issues on your dashboard, you’ll notice that we’ve dramatically decreased the time it takes to load.

Font Fix in 3D Markups. We’ve updated the fonts that display throughout the app, so no matter what system you’re using to view CoLab, the fonts should display consistently.

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