New Features

Subscribe Yourself and Other Users to Issue Notifications.
Issue notifications aren’t just for the issue reporter or assignee anymore. We’ve added the ability for users to subscribe themselves and other users to issue notifications. Simply open an issue, click on the bell icon, and add users as desired. Users also have the ability to unsubscribe themselves and other people. 

Expandable Dashboards. We’ve added the ability to expand the project, review, and issue panels on the home dashboard for easier oversight of all your work. Just click on the maximize button (double arrow icon). Once expanded, you can toggle between them. Click the maximize button to return to the Home Dashboard.

High Priority Filter on Home Dashboard. To make issue tracking easier, we’ve added a shortcut to the High Priority issue filter right on the Issue dashboard. Just click on the ‘High’ button and set any other Filters as desired.

Issue Status Available When Creating Issues in Reviews. To make issue creation easier when you’re in a review, you can now select the issue status from the dropdown menu when creating an issue during a review.

Admins Can Resend a User’s Account Invitation. We understand that sometimes emails inviting you to join CoLab can get lost in your inbox. That's why we’ve made it easy for Company Admins to resend a user’s invitation. 

UI/UX Fixes

Screenshot Markups Display in PDF Exports. We’ve fixed PDF export reports to ensure that your screenshot markups show up every time.

Disabled Ability for Non-Creators to ‘Delete’ Projects, Comments, Issues and Reviews. If you are not the creator of projects, comments, issues and reviews, you no longer have the ability to Delete them. For example, if you try to delete an issue that you didn’t create, when you right click on it the ‘Delete’ field will be greyed out and unclickable.

Visibility icons adjusted in Model Browser. We’ve improved the 3D model browser to ensure that the visibility icon (i.e. the eye icon) sticks to the right side of the model tree browser at all times, making sure you always have easy access to toggle visibility on and off. 

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