Release 2.2 brings you increased project oversight from the dashboard, easier collaboration with quick file sharing, and much more!

Here’s a detailed overview of release 2.2 features and improvements:

New Project View Dashboard. To give you better project oversight, we’ve added a new dashboard. From the main dashboard/home page, click on the ‘Project View’ button in the top right corner. This dashboard gives you oversight of all your project issue stats including Open Issues, High Priority Issues, and Closed Issues. When you click on each ‘issue card’ you will be brought to a project-specific issue table where the table is pre-filtered by the particular column (for example, all Open Issues). 

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Quickly Link Users to a File. To make collaborating easier, we’ve added the ability to copy a file link to send to a user. Simply click the drop-down kebab menu on a file and select ‘Copy Link to File’, paste the link to a colleague, and they can jump directly to that file.

Reviewer’s Profile Icon Added to Dashboard. We listened to our customers, and have improved the dashboard oversight for reviews! The Reviews widget on the dashboard now includes profile picture icons of the review assignees so you can keep on top of who’s reviewed a review.

Admins Can Easily Invite New Users. We’ve added the ability to easily copy a new user’s invite link from the admin table. If you’re a company admin, you will now see a drop-down kebab menu to the far right of each user’s information. The drop-down includes ‘Copy Account Invite Link’.

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Single Sign On (SSO) Support. Enterprise customers can now control access to CoLab by connecting to their Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Identity Provider (IdP) systems. Please contact us to learn more!

More Transparency in 3D Viewer Model Browser. We’ve improved the model browser in the 3D viewer so you now have greater visibility of your model when utilizing the model browser.

Project Owners Can Delete Any Issue. Previously, only issue creators could delete their own issues. But now, project owners have the ability to delete any issue, despite who created it.

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