Release Notes - Version 1.26 & 1.27


Product Update:

This week we released version 1.26 & 1.27 with some key wins requested by our great customers, including new model analysis tools, editing a PDF markup, status added to issue cards, and more UI/UX improvements!

New Features

Box Select Tool in new 3D Viewer. We’ve added a ‘Box Select’ tool to our new 3D viewer toolbar, allowing you to highlight and select an area of parts for easy and quick analysis. Drag from left to right-to-select everything within the bounds of the box, and right-to-left to select everything the box touches.

Linking to Associated Files from Dashboard and Notifications. You can now click on an associated file link from the dashboard to open the file and view the markup or 3D pin associated with that issue. Clicking on a notification that relates to an issue will also now open the associated file and display the markup or 3D pin.

Issue Status Added to PDF Markup and 3D Pin Cards. PDF markup and 3D pin cards now display the status on the card using an icon next to the assignee profile picture.

View Closed Markups on PDFs. Click the ellipses menu on the bottom toolbar in the PDF viewer and select ‘Show Closed Markups’ to display closed issues on the PDF.

Edit PDF Markup After Saving. Edit PDF markups once you’ve created an issue by clicking the drop down menu on the issue card and selecting ‘Edit Issue’.

Project & Folder Search Bar Added to the Dashboard. Easily search for projects and folders using the search bar on the dashboard.

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