Release Notes - Version 1.24 & 1.25


Product Update:

This week we released version 1.24 and 1.25 with some heavily requested features, including project and folder organization, and 3D issue tagging. This release also includes a number of other UI/UX improvements and features!

New Features

3D Issue Tagging

Project Organization

From the dashboard you now have the ability to sort projects into folders, allowing for improved project management and organization.

External projects (created by users at other companies) that you have been invited to are now separated and can be toggled using the “My Company/External Companies” button.

Project names are now displayed in the top of the left drawer, making it easier to see the name of the Project you are in at all times.

This release has several other new features and UI/UX improvements, including:

Streamlined PDF Markups. When you click on a PDF markup or markup card, the left popout drawer will update with the issue you’re viewing, but the drawer no longer pops open if closed.

Create Issues Faster. You can now save and submit issues created through PDF markup by hitting the enter key. You no longer have to manually click ‘Save’ to save your issue and the Chat icon will no longer be in the way of saving an issue when you’re marking up the last page of a PDF.

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