Release Notes - Version 1.23


Product Update:

This week we released version 1.23 with a number of exciting new features and UI/UX improvements.

New Features

Review Planner Update. Ability to easily add additional PDF documents to a document or drawing review once the review has been created. Just click the ‘+’ button to add a new slide, and select the additional document or drawing that you want to add.

Projects Sorted by Last Modified. The Projects pop-out list on the left sidebar now sorts your projects by last modified instead of date created.

Add Hyperlinks to Descriptions or Comments. Links pasted into issue descriptions and comments can now be copied and or clicked.

Visit links pasted in Descriptions by right clicking the link and click 'Go to':

Visit links pasted in Comments by directly clicking the hyperlink:

UI/UX Improvements

Styling Update. The left drawer style has been updated! It has all the same functionality that you’re used to, with a new sleek style!

Bug Fixes

Updating Profile Picture. There was a bug that prevented users from updating their profile picture. This has been resolved.

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