Release Notes - Version 1.22


Product Update:

This week we released version 1.22 with a number of exciting feature requests and UI/UX improvements.

New Features

New Review Planner Interface. You can now specify what type of review you want to create. The “Documents & Drawings” review type allows you to simply select what documents and or drawings you would like reviewed, and assign a number of team members to review them by a certain date.

UI/UX Improvements

Link to Markup from Issue. If an issue is created by adding a markup to a PDF, that PDF file is automatically linked to the issue in the “Associated Files” section. Clicking this link will now go to the exact page in the document where the markup is located, and highlight the markup, as shown below.

Viewing an Issue through Issue Cards.
After creating an issue from a PDF markup, users can now view the issue in the left drawer simply by clicking on the issue card.

New font throughout the app. Users will notice that we have implemented a new font throughout our entire app.

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