Release Notes - Version 1.19


Product Update:

This week we released version 1.19 with a number of exciting new features and improvements.

New Features

Comprehensive drawing and document markup tools. Users can now add markups to PDF drawings and documents directly. As shown below, mark up tools will always be present in the PDF viewer toolbar. Simply select a markup tool, then click and drag over the PDF document to mark it up. After adding a markup, you will be prompted to summarize the issue in the card that opens on the right.

You have the flexibility to mark up the entire document and assign all of it to one team member as a single action item, or assign individual comments/markups to specific team members.

Notification identifier on issue cards. If an issue has been updated since you last viewed it, you will now see a small red identifer on the issue card letting you know there’s been a change.

“Jump to 3D/2D View” in Revit. When viewing Revit files, users can right click an object and select “Show in 3D View” or “Show in 2D View” to easily jump between locations in different views.

UI/UX Improvements

Improved Dashboard Layout & Functionality. The issue summary on the dashboard has been integrated into the issue table, and replaced by Open Reviews. Users can now toggle between “All Issues” and only “My Issues” from the dashboard page.

Catch when Deleting Files. When deleting a file, users are now shown where that file is referenced to prevent accidentally breaking links in issues and reviews.

Bug Fixes

Using Review Planner with Model Browser. Resolved an issue that broke design review slides when hiding and showing components via the model browser.

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