New 3D Viewing Technology and Advanced Model Analysis Tools:

Look and feel closer to desktop CAD tools such as Solidworks, CATIA, Creo and NX:

  • Change controls to match your CAD tool (currently Solidworks, Catia, Creo and NX)
  • Support for multiple configurations from most major CAD tools
  • Support for PMI/MBD

Improved Measurement and Navigation Tools:

  • Improved measurement functionality
  • Select parent assemblies on a model by clicking twice on a part or sub-assembly
  • Manually move parts (show handles) and explode assemblies
  • Ability to toggle component transparency on and off
  • Ability to change the capping geometry face and line colours after placing a cutting plane

NOTE: Any 3D files that you uploaded before Release 2.0 will still load and display in our old viewing technology. Our new viewing technology will apply to any new 3D file or file revision that you upload after Release 2.0. Click here for our updated Helpdesk article which includes the CoLab Supported File Formats which will display in the old viewing technology vs. new viewing technology.

Create Issues on 3D Models with the Drop of a Pin (literally!) Give greater context to the issues you create on 3D models by dropping a pin directly onto a part, and adding detail to your issue. Each pin is linked directly to the part file, ensuring all relevant metadata is captured.

Improved Review Planner:

Redesigned Layout with Same Functionality
. Our review planner redesign replaces the existing review planner ‘card’ with a new top bar design. The top bar offers the same functionality as the previous ‘card’, without taking up excessive viewer space and disrupting your workflow. Click the play button to launch, arrows to navigate through slides, and ‘Exit’ to go back to edit mode.

Dashboard Upgrades Including Improved Project and Folder Organization and Improved Issue Oversight:

Create Folders on the Dashboard to Store Projects in.
You now have improved project organization with the ability to create folders and sub-folders on the dashboard, and store your projects inside.

Keep Track of External Projects Shared With You.
Sort Projects by ‘External Companies’ to see projects shared with you from external users (i.e. users in other companies).

Ability to filter by Assignee and Late Issues.
We’ve added a late filter to the issue table on the dashboard to easily address overdue issues and give you improved issue oversight.

New Profile Cards with User Details. You can now hover over someone's profile photo (anywhere in the app!) and see a card with more information about the user, including first and last name, phone number, and job title. To update this information, click on your Profile Settings.

‘To Do’ Issue Status Changed to ‘Open’.
We’ve changed ‘To Do’ to ‘Open’ so you can clearly see issues that have not been addressed. Once you’ve been assigned an ‘Open’ issue, do what you need to do to get started and change the status to “In Progress’ to let your team know that you’re working to resolve the issue.

If you have any feedback, let us know! You can reach us at Happy designing!

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