Emails.  Interruptions. Meetings.

Everyday, we all encounter distractions that limit us from being able to complete our jobs efficiently. But, have you ever considered just how much time you’re wasting?


According to Atlassian, on average we receive 306 emails per week , and check our email 36 times per hour. This translates into repeated challenging distractions, and wasted time.

The annual cost of email to employers becomes a huge burden when looking at the actual value of the emails we spend so much time on. The numbers below are just for emails and do not include all the time and cost associated with miscommunications being integrated into the engineering process.

The average employee costs their employer $7000 USD each year in time wasted with non-productive emails

There are ways to address the unruly email inbox, which we should all do in order to reduce the distraction that it causes us everyday.


We have all been interrupted throughout the day but did you know the average for employees is 56 times per day? And these distractions take us time to recover from, up to two hours of our day is spent recovering from these distractions alone. It is important for us to learn how to manage these interruptions.

80% of these distractions are classified as trivial, which is particularly scary when you convert it to the number of weeks wasted annually (over 10 weeks!)


Employees on average attend 62 meetings monthly, with ½ of the meeting time in those meetings being categorized as wasted. This adds up to 31 hours per month spent in unproductive meetings. What’s even more challenging about this for design teams is that often emails are used for communicating feedback and meetings are the method for design reviews. With the level of clutter and disengagement prevalent throughout industry, key feedback and actions are being lost which results in far more than just misused time. Sending CAD files back and forth through emails to suppliers, creating slide decks for design reviews and always having trouble managing issues can become a thing of the past with the proper collaboration tools.

Let's take the design review process away from email, lengthy meetings, and avoid the constant interruptions.  Learn more about how you can start collaborating and tracking feedback better today!

May 22, 2018

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