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How To Make The Most of Your Design Review


Make The Most of Your Design Review

It’s easy for design reviews to go off track sometimes, whether it’s because reviewers aren’t sure of their role in the process, misplaced feedback, unclear deadlines, or misunderstandings around the purpose of the design review.

Understanding expectations before beginning a design review is a crucial step in optimizing your process. Without an understanding of what is set to be accomplished, reviews go off-track or don’t address important questions/decisions. Having a comprehensive list of technical requirements will prevent your design team from wasting significant resources in the design process or missing feedback. Understanding expectations and requirements for both the review and the design are therefore critical to an effective process.

What is this review set to accomplish? Objectives for the review might include:

Meet With Purpose

Understand what makes an effective meeting, and set an agenda.

InVision suggests design review participants be notified ahead of time with what they need to be prepared for the review. They suggest a calendar invite that includes:

Here’s a comprehensive checklist we’ve designed to help you organize what needs to be prepared before the meeting.

The design review process can often be complicated, time consuming and overwhelming. We’ve created the Ultimate Guide to Design Reviews ebook that goes through the process of planning and executing a design review so you can optimize and streamline the process and use your team’s time more wisely.

Try implementing some of the steps above and see how it affects your design review process. Do you have any policies that have helped your team when it comes to running design reviews? Let us know!

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