Release Notes - Version 1.8


This week we released version 1.8 of Gradient, which includes several exciting new features and UI/UX improvements.

New Features:

Associate Issues with Review Slides - You can now associate issues with review slides, so that other reviewers know what issues have already been raised in relation to that slide. “Linked Slides” are also listed in the issue view, so that you know what review slides an issue has been associated with.


Editing Reviews - You can now edit reviews after they have been created. Click on the review to expand it, then click the edit button in the bottom right of the review card. For information on how to edit reviews, check out this helpdesk article.

Project list on Dashboard Page - There is now a project list directly on the dashboard page that allows you to get to your projects faster, and search through them.

Issue “Watcher” System - Now, when you comment on an issue you will be added as a “Watcher” on that issue. This means you will receive a notification any time it changes, even if you didn’t create it or it hasn’t been assigned to you.

Indication that Notification has been Read - You can now tell which notifications you have clicked on and which you haven’t. Unread notifications will have bold text, whereas read notifications will not.

Bug Fixes:

Copy Paste Markup on Mac - There was a bug that didn’t allow you to copy paste markup items on mac computers. This has been resolved.

Reviews breaking when file deleted - Previously, deleting a file that had been included in a design review would cause an error to display when you tried to launch the review. This has been resolved. You will now just see a message indicating that the file has been deleted when you land on any slide that was associated with the deleted file.

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