This week we released version 1.6 of Gradient. For this release we were focused on adding more functionality to the review planner feature, and several key User Interface improvements. The major updates include:


  • File Folders. You can now create file folders to organize your files within a project. Folders can be created in three ways; clicking the options button in the files panel, right clicking a file and selecting “New Folder”, or simply dragging one file onto another. Files can be uploaded directly to a folder by selecting that folder and then clicking the upload button.

  • Review Planner Required Reviewers. You can now tag other users in the review planner. They will receive a notification asking them to complete the review. Once they’ve done so, you’ll receive a notification letting you know that they have. A green checkbox will also appear next to their name on the review card.

User Interface

  • Issue Card Redesign. Inside a project, issue cards have been redesigned to more clearly display the status, priority and assignee without having to open the issue.

  • File & Revision Renaming. Any file and or revision can now be renamed by simply right clicking and selecting the “Rename” option.

Bug Fixes

  • Project Name Character Limit. Project names can now be longer than 29 Characters.

Published on:

Monday, December 10, 2018