Release Notes - Version 1.5


Last week we launched version 1.5 of Gradient. Our focus for version 1.5 was releasing the first iteration of the “Review Planner” feature. The two major updates are:

Review Planner V1

You will now see a clipboard icon when inside of a project. Click it to open the “Review Planner” panel. Clicking the create review button opens a window over the viewer that allows you to create a new design review.

You can then navigate files and grab views for the design review. This allows you to essentially create a 3D slideshow, as shown below.

This helps guide new collaborators and reviewers through material, without them having to be familiar with CAD tools.

It is important to note that you currently cannot edit or delete reviews after you have created them. Next release we will be adding that functionality, as well as the ability to:

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