Release Notes - Version 1.18


This week we released version 1.18 with several feature requests, UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.

Feature Requests

Quick Launch Reviews. Instead of opening a review and then clicking launch, users can now click the play button on the review card to start the review immediately.

Notification Identifier in Browser Tab. Users are now shown a notification count in their browser tab as shown below.

File Download Notifications. Project owners now receive a notification (both in the app and via email) when another user downloads a file from a project they created (requires downloading to be enabled in the project settings).

UI/UX Improvements

Issue Reporter. The user who created an issue is now clearly displayed under the section “Issue Reporter”, as shown below.

Collapse Side Panel. The side panel now collapses in one-click, rather than returning to issues, making it easy to quickly hide the side panel at all times.

Separating Users in Admin Panel. Internal company users are now separated from external users on the admin page for clarity.

Multi-File Move. Users can now shift-select or ctrl-select a number of files and move them (into a folder for example) simultaneously.

Bug Fixes

Part Number in Component List for Step Files. Resolved an issue that prevented part names/numbers from displaying correctly in the components list for certain STEP exports.

Screenshot Link to Deleted File. Previously no warning was displayed when a user attempted to link from a screenshot to a file that had been deleted. This has been resolved.

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