Release Notes - Version 1.17


This week we released version 1.17 with new PDF markup capabilities and several UI/UX improvements.

PDF Markups. Users can now add markups to PDF documents directly, without having to take a screenshot. Each markup creates an issue, which shows up next to the PDF in the viewer, as well as in the existing left panel.

Issues created by markups on PDF documents are automatically associated with the file - making it easy to filter the issue list page for all outstanding issues on a given PDF document.

Currently, users can add rectangular highlights to PDF documents - we are working to add all other markup tools (shapes, clouds, callouts, lines and arrows). After that we will be adding this functionality to 2D CAD files (such as DWG and DXF) as well.

Profile Photos. Users can now upload their own profile photo. Click the user icon in the bottom left corner, select profile settings and click the “Upload Photo” button to add a profile photo.

Improved Help Options. When clicking the “?” help icon in the app, users will now be presented the option to start a tour of the app, visit the helpdesk, or see what’s new.

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