Release Notes - Version 1.16


This week we released version 1.16 of Gradient which included several key feature additions and UI/UX improvements.

Use most recent file revision in review tool. Users can now set a design review to use the most recent revision of the files used in a review. This allows you to create the review once, and have it automatically update with new file revisions.

New release of SOLIDWORKS add-in with PDM integration. We are releasing a new version of the Gradient SOLIDWORKS add-in that allows users with SOLIDWORKS PDM installed to pull file version information from PDM and display it in Gradient with the file. Click here to download the new release. If you have SOLIDWORKS PDM installed, the Gradient installer will ask if you would like to also install the PDM add-in. If yes, leave the checkbox selected. And that’s it! The Gradient add-in will now automatically send PDM version and revision info with the file.

Select components after clicking “Show all objects" . Now after clicking “Show all objects", all previously isolated components will be re-selected. This makes it easy to highlight and isolate additional components - useful when creating assembly instructions.

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