Release 1.0 marks the beginning of our Open Beta program. For this release we focused on finalizing implementation of the new markup tools and improving the experience for new users.

Feature Additions:

  • Due dates. You can now set a due date on an issue, and filter your issues by due date on the Project Dashboard
  • Auto-saving Markups. Markups now save automatically as you create them. No need to hit save before closing the markup.
  • Issue Dates. “Created on” and “last modified” dates and times are now displayed on each issue just above the comments box.

User Interface & Experience Improvements:

  • Leaving Projects. You can now leave a project you have been invited to by right clicking on it in the project menu, and selecting “Leave Project”.
  • Automatic Tours. Gradient now automatically gives you a tour of each page the first time you view it.
  • Screenshot Delete Confirmation.  Users are now asked to confirm before deleting a markup, which prevents accidental deletion of a markup.
  • Notification Improvements. Various improvements and bug fixes have been made to both the in-app and email notification systems.
  • Editing Issue Information. You can now edit the title and description of an issue if you created it. Simply click on the title or description and start typing.This will be made more obvious in a future release.

Bug Fixes:

  • Inventor Files. Resolved an issue causing inventor files not to upload successfully.
  • Issue Contents Moving Around. Several users reported that screenshot previews and other issue information would jump around when hovering over them in newer versions of Google Chrome on Windows. This has been resolved.
  • Improved Support for Firefox and Edge. Several bugs specific to Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge have been addressed.

Work in Progress:

  • Project Settings. The ability to change project information like name and photo. In the future this will also be home for project permission settings such as allowing external users to download files.
  • File Organization. We are designing a better way of organizing your files in a project.
  • Issue Labels. Adding the ability to assign labels to an issue and filter issuing based on them.

Published on:

Monday, August 27, 2018